Bitcoin Cloud Mining ReviewsThis year, a huge number of services of the cloud mining were appeared, which came to market with big promises. Then they either turned out to be a fraud, or were victims of bad risk management. During this time we managed to test many of these services. On some we had a benefit, on other lost a small amount of money.

Our trials and errors allowed us to identify sites that are still functioning and paying like a clock, despite the long period of work. On this page you can find Bitcoin cloud mining reviews of services, which you can safely entrust your money and make a decent profit.

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bitcoinIn case you don’t know, the mining is the process of bitcoin production, which do computers by solving complex mathematical tasks. In the beginning (sometime in 2009-2010) it was easy and fun to mine the BTC. Every person was able to engage in this profitable business even with not very powerful computer.

But the protocol and the very essence of the cryptocurrency production is constructed so that with each new born bitcoin the complexity of mining the next block increases. This led to the fact that at the moment you can profitably mine the BTC at alone if you purchased expensive equipment and you have the preferences of the electricity.

The process of mining uses your graphics card. Moreover, cards from Radeon are only suitable for this. But as we have mentioned above, producing of bitcoins at alone is not profitable. In addition, the use of a computer, even with a good graphics card, will not bring you great earnings.

Increasingly use ASICs – specially designed integrated circuits. They have not only the best of the computational speed, but also significantly lower the power consumption. And to further increase profit, the miners began to join together into pools, where dozens or even hundreds of miners gather their power together to mine more BTC. The profit is distributed proportionally, depending on the invested power of each participant of the pool.

mining hardwareBut what about those users are not ready to buy the equipment for tens of thousands of dollars, and have a desire to mine the BTC? They can use special resources to rent the power capacity. Best Bitcoin cloud mining reviews you can read on our site. You don’t need to buy or maintain the equipment, and not have to pay huge electricity bills. Services give the possibility to rent for a while or to purchase some of their capacity.

The cloud mining of the bitcoins is an excellent way of investing in a cryptocurrency, and so in the future. The convenience and ease of operation allows you to earn the BTC without your direct intervention.

No crazy bills for electricity and buzzing of cooling systems. However, it is worth considering that the complexity of the computing increases day by day, so the sooner you start, the faster you will pay off rent and begin to get net earnings!