If you decide to try to invest in promising crypto-currencies, then you made the right choice! However, do not rush headlong to purchase hashrates on all services in a row, first review our recommendations. They will help you not only to get the maximum possible profit, but to protect yourself from many risks.
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Given that risks in investing in varying degrees are always present, you need to remember that you have not to invest all the funds in one company. If your investment portfolio is better then losses from unsuccessful investments will be fewer.

But this does not mean that investing 5% of your capital in 20 different projects is rational. Maybe this strategy is justified, but the administration of this mass of projects will be quite complex.

We recommend you to invest no more than 30% of your funds in one project. In our view, the allocation of funds on 3-6 projects is optimal.

Recommendation: share cloud mining imvestment on 3-6 projects.

The rule “the higher the yield the higher the risk” operates also in the mining. Not necessary consciously to choose the most profitable offers on the market. Before choosing a mining company for the purchase (rent) of hashrates, first analyze the market, calculate the average profitability in this business and determine the balance of return over different time periods.

We recommend you to deal with mining companies, which give the yield of 15-20% per month of the amount invested on the contract for a period not exceeding 6 months, or a yield of 5-10% per month for a period of 12 months.

Although, if impeccable reputation of the company is confirmed by data from forums and other specialized sources, then is justified to buy (rent) capacities with greater returns for the period more than one year or lifetime.

Recommendation: the purchasing of the hashrates for up to 6 months with a yield of 15-20% per month is optimal.

We adhere to the idea that investing should work and expanding. If you are looking to have a good stash for a rainy day or to achieve some big goals (start your business), we urge you do not rush to spend the profits.

Regardless of the amount of an obtained income, you have to invest in mining (reinvest) at least 50% of the profits. You can expand hashrate on existing projects, enter into another project of the cloud mining or invest in less risky areas of investment. Do not rush to invest in the same company in subsequent investment, analyze the market, maybe the company is increasingly showing signs of future problems.

In our view, disciplined and well organized reinvestment is a good guarantee of the future financial well-being. Making disciplined reinvestment, you can several times increase your investment portfolio in a short period.

By the way, the income derived from the investment in the cloud mining, should not be regarded as permanent, long-term and stable source of an additional or a primary income. The field of the internet business is very fickle.

After three to five years the mining can become not so profitable or public authorities around the world will start to actively seek and force online investors to pay any taxes or to obtain permits. If you don’t want to be back at the bottom of the ladder then better keep it in mind, and at the right time begin gradually transfer investments to other areas.

Recommendation: invest at least 50% of obtained profits.