genesis-miningIf you decided to buy hashrates on the Genesis-Mining, do not rush! In this article you will find a promo code that will give you a discount of 2.5% on any purchase at Genesis!

You can take this offer without any restrictions, thus saving 2.5% on each new transaction.

So, in order to get a discount for the mining, use our special code: 7VA5Uw

1.    If you do not have an account on the Genesis, then register it here. If the account already exists, feel free to login into it.

2.    Navigate to the section ‘UPGRADE HASHPOWER’ in the left menu

genesis-mining promocode
3.    Select by the slider, what amount of hashrates you want to buy.

genesis-mining promo-code
4.    Select a payment method, in our case, we will pay Bitcoin. Click the button ‘CONTINUE’

genesis-mining code
5.   It should be entered 7VA5Uw in the field for entering the promo-code

6.    You can see in the field ‘Order specification’ that the bonus worked out and you got a discount.

mining discount
7.    We still have only to click ‘AGREE ON TERMS’ and ‘CONFIRM ORDER’ promo code
As we have mentioned above, you can get this discount each time you decide to add a new contract to your assets. Just use our Genesis-Mining promo code in the next purchase. We wish you a successful cloud mining!

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Genesis-Mining Use promo code 7VA5Uw to receive 3% discount on every purchase you make!