Hashrate Rental for the MiningSometimes we just want to have a machine for printing money. In fact, the mining is a real embodiment of that dream, and it is quite effective with the right approach.

How can you be engaged in coins producing?

  1. Buy a home miner.
  2. Do not purchase anything and use your home PC with a good graphics card.
  3. Rent hashrate from a provider – it’s called “The Cloud Mining”.

risk to have your own minerOf course, sellers of the equipment are praising all the benefits from a purchase, and forgetting about the disadvantages. But in fact there are several pitfalls:

  • The high power consumption
  • Specific requirements for the electrical wiring
  • The necessity of cooling
  • Problems with the repair in case of breakage.

The work on a home gaming card is a good way to get acquainted with the mining as such, to play with the bitcoin, especially if the card is AMD. Such decisions are superior to NVIDIA in 2-3 times in terms of the productivity.

But in any case, you don’t get income from this work even with a very good graphics card. The time when this mining was profitable has sunk into oblivion, as special chips, ASICs, went to sale they are designed specifically for the bitcoin producing. But the video card can be burned down, and the computer that mined BTC will “eat” 10 times more electricity than usual.

Therefore, today there is only one profitable way – to rent hashrates from special companies.

These companies rent out the equipment for any time and receiving only a monthly payment. In this case you don’t need to configure anything – you simply get a certain mining volume from the miner, and the service is responsible for the proper operation.

You also don’t need to care about the delivery of the purchased devices and the issues of electrical wiring; the cooling or noise from ASICs won’t disturb you. All this is passed on to the provider.

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Renting the hashrates from a reputable provider, you can get up to 120-130 percent per year. This is a very real amount. Reliable cloud services improve their work and ensure that leased capacities worked with the most profitable pools.

Of course, there is a risk even in the case of this virtual rental however, as in any other business that brings money. For example, theoretically bitcoin quotes can collapse to $ 100.

But if the exchange rate will fall you get in the hole even with a personal miner. But if the rate goes up, in the case of rent with minimum investments you will get a profit increase by 2-3 times.

Why do companies sell hashrates out and not mined bitcoins themselves?

In fact, usually cloud services are also mined a cryptocurrency. Rather, they begin with this, firstly it is profitable, and secondly it is impossible to provide some services without knowing how it works.

Services typically use themselves part of their equipment, and some rent out for real money. Not for all services of the provider you can pay with the bitcoin. For example, you need to pay for a maintenance of the data center, and pay wages, pay electricity bills, taxes – and while you can’t pay for all of this with the cryptocurrency.

Therefore, companies renting out their capacity. As a result, they get real money for their needs, and users get income of 120-130% of the annual amount invested in the cloud mining.

This method of earning, in fact, has no flaws – this is a passive income that you will have in any case (of course, if the BTC rate will not collapse, but experts do not predict this). At the same time you don’t even need to understand all the intricacies of the Bitcoin – you simply invest your money and watch how they are increasing.