One of the main ideas of cryptocurrencies in general and the bitcoin in particular, is decentralization and the availability of generating new blocks for all users. That is why starting with the first version of the Bitcoin the client itself has the possibility of the BTC producing with help of a regular computer. The first years, the digital money was mined only using the CPU.

Although the current version of the wallet has no buttons for starting the mining on the Central Processor, the possibility is still there, you can enable it using a special console commands.

In addition, there are separate programs specifically developed for this cryptocurrency production. Such programs are more versatile, support a large number of different algorithms, automatic pool selection and convenient tools of the visual setting and monitoring.

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With the development of video cards and the subsequent release of ASIC devices, it makes sense to use the computing power only for cryptocurrencies, especially designed for mining on the CPU.

A list of such coins can easily be found on specialized websites and forums. The most important thing you should pay attention when choosing coins – is the lack of programmes for the producing it on video cards.

Secondly, the current difficulty of the mining, the amount of the computing power that already uses for its production, and your approximate daily income. Based on your power relative to other miners, you should choose the strategy: dig coins on joint pools or work in solo mode.

If you plan to exchange your mined coins to the bitcoins, you should also pay attention on the presence of the selected fork on exchanges and what is its liquidity, i.e. how quickly you can sell mined coins at a reasonable price.


A processing power of the chip is rarely can be used by one hundred percent when working a conventional computer. For example, when working with texts or surfing in a web browser the CPU is almost idle. And at this time it can be used for getting bitcoins without significant reduction in the performance of the basic work.

For these purposes you can use special monitoring programs that are launching the mining programs in moments of low load of the computer. There is also special screensavers that are starting to mine the cryptocurrency at times when the user does not work on the computer.

The use of processors is also justified in cases where there is access to a large number of chips, for example, to cloud capacity, servers or a large number of conventional computers. Known cases when system administrators use the users’ computers for producing bitcoins after hours. Because office computers don’t have powerful graphic cards, the work is performed directly using the CPU.

If you have a farm for the cryptocurrency mining with help of graphics cards – it makes sense to additionally use the CPUs. Such farms are usually assembled from the most advanced components, so they have a powerful enough cards.

However, when working on the graphics cards, central processor power is almost never used and all the work is done by the graphics chips. Therefore, it is possible to connect the additional mining on the CPU without the risk of decreasing an income from the core process.

As can be seen, getting cryptocurrency with the help of computer is still relevant and can be quite profitable if properly setup and use your existing equipment.