On the one hand the virtual bitcoin mining offers an excellent opportunity for high-yield investments in the innovation technologies of the cryptocurrency. On the other hand, the idea of the virtualization of the cryptomoney producing attracts different fraudsters.

Unscrupulous companies and individuals under the guise of the mining cloud services can promote an ordinary financial pyramid – the so-called “Ponzi schemes”. In this case, the payment of dividends to investors would not be at the expense of the real working farms but at the expense of new investors.

As soon as an imbalance between the arrival of the money from new investors and payments to early investors occurs – such a resource is closed, and the owners disappear with the money.

How best to protect yourself from a possible fraud and choose a really reliable service for the cloud mining?

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First of all, when you select a company you need to pay attention to the infrastructure instead of the reporting indicators. For example, the term of work is not the indicator of the reliability.

The term return on investment of the real companies working with cryptocurrency may not be less than 6-9 months. So scammers may masquerade as a real working service and exist for a year and a half or two before evaporate with the clients’ money.

  • The possibility of the selection of a pool after the purchase.

The presence of such an option ensures that you are investing in real computing power. Alternatively, the company may not provide the ability to change a pool for individual customers, but it should publicly announce the address of a wallet used for producing cryptocurrencies – so everyone can appreciate the volumes of coin mining by statistics of found blocks in the blockchain.

  • The existence of a contract or official confirmation from the manufacturers of the equipment.

There is a constant shortage of ASIC miners on the market, and the creation of a large cloud service is impossible without a direct contract with manufacturer. There is no reason why the manufacturer need do not confirm the existence of a contract with a major client – this is a good reason to issue a press release and get free advertising of their equipment.

  • The presence of photos and videos of its own data center.

There is no reason why the owners of services not to publish such photos: it’s easy, cheap and available at any time. Such materials will help the user to select a reliable cloud mining and to reject all doubts. Of course, if you have something to photograph.

  • The possibility of an early return on the investment and exit the business.

Buying the computing capacity in the cloud is no different in its essence from the purchase of shares ordinary businesses – you can not only buy but sell them at any time. Of course, withdrawal of funds of depositors is not profitable for the organizers of financial pyramids. Therefore, the inability to sell the purchased computing power is a negative signal.

  • The presence of highly profitable affiliate programs for attracting users – another sign to be very careful.

A real business has not a possibility and funds to pay a fee of 30% the investment of attracted users. If on the company’s website you’ll see an offer to invite other users for a very high percentage of their deposit it is a clear indication of a classic Ponzi scheme.


Pay attention to these five simple rules – they will help you separate the fraudsters from the real companies providing real services of the cloud mining. With the help of this checklist you will easily be able to properly invest in the cryptocurrency and do not be disappointed in this area of earnings.