start the Ethereum miningThe Ethereum is a fundamentally new cryptocurrency, a programming language, and a platform. It allows the developer to create and produce distributed applications of the latest generation for the public use.

You can install a special client for operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OSX 10.9 to work with the Ethereum. Its own cryptocurrency, which is the currency of the intranetwork exchange, confirmed the authority of the application.

The network itself provides use for different purposes – to send contracts in a coded form, written agreements, domain names, vote totals and other information. It becomes much easier to use crowdfunding, working on the financial markets, use of the smart property using this system.

The decentralized principle was borrowed from the bitcoin, which once again proves that the time of centralized systems has already expired. Applications built on the Ethereum do not involve the disclosure of the personal data or funds. This scripting language is actively used for writing various applications or programs. The ready software runs “in the cloud”, it is reliable enough even to connect transportation programs or medical projects.

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Of course, this is a very interesting project, and it is attractive to miners. You can start the mining the Ethereum at home from the CPU, a graphics card or ASIC.

You will need to use the geth, ethminer and ethminer-cuda for the work on your home computer. The configuring a local mine on the CPU requires the following operations:

  • Run the geth-console.bat and enter the ‘miner.start(4)’ — in brackets are the number of cores/threads that you will use.
  • Enter the command ‘miner.stop()’ in the command line to complete the mining process.

Please note that today almost no sense to mine the Ethereum alone using only the CPU. If your GPU capacity is insufficient, then it is possible that in principle, you can not complete the block. In addition, many miners say that the geth are sometimes buggy, and it ceases to receive new work from current block at a single mining, so you need to carefully monitor the progress of the system.

With regard to the work on ASICs, then it is much easier. You just buy the equipment, connect it, and run. Then you have to monitor the normal operation of the device. However, it should be noted that not every ASIC is working with this cryptocurrency, as this system is built on a bit different protocols than the bitcoin and its forks. Given that the special mining hardware costs a lot of money, it is better to consult the seller before buying.

Regardless of which method of the mining you choose, remember that the producing equipment heats up very much. So necessarily consider a cooling system. If you do not do it, you are simply forced the computer or ASIC to burn out. In addition, before you start, calculate what expenses you will have for the electricity and a cooling equipment so that the mining will be a cost effective.