Despite the development and mass production of ASIC-s, a cryptocurrency mining using the graphic cards still remains popular.

First, all the time new coins arise that are working on the algorithms for which there are no specialized chips and the producing of which is only possible through the use of special software programs running on the general purpose central processors or video chips.

Secondly, since active development of the bitcoin, when hardware miners were not developed, enthusiasts had a large number of farms created on the basis of the graphic boards. And these farms are still not lost its relevance.

Third, the mining on video cards is available to any beginner. You can start to do it on a home computer, and it does not require a significant investment in the purchase of the expensive equipment – everything is already at hand.

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Unlike computer games in which the quality of a gameplay is defined by the combination of various technologies a major factor (along with clock frequency) that determines the performance for the producing cryptocurrency is the number of universal processors in the core of the GPU, and the architecture of connections between them.

In this respect, the integrated video processors that built into the core of the CPU or the motherboard are absolutely not fit for the producing coins. A hardware on the basis of chips nVidia also not well suited for work with algorithms of the digital money. These cards are good in games, but the specific of their internal architecture does not allow them to effectively mine altcoins.

Solutions on the basis of video chips from AMD are the only appropriate variant. All adaptors from this manufacturer, starting with the youngest models up to the latest R9 series in the lineup, are built on the large number of universal processors operating at low clock frequencies.

In addition, the internal architecture of connections allows performing calculations by cryptocurrency algorithms for 1-2 cycles, whereas for chips based on nVidia need 3-4 cycles to compute. As a result, the equipment-based on AMD chips is faster and consumes less power than competing products.

The choice of a specific manufacturer does not matter, but in the first place you should pay attention to the efficiency of the cooling system. The mining cryptocurrencies on graphic boards involves a multi-day round-the-clock work, and they should get well cooling.

For the same reason, you have not to use the laptop, even if it has a modern powerful video adapter. Notebook cooler absolutely not designed for continuous operation at a full load.


If you tried it and you like to engage in mining cryptocurrencies, then the increase the efficiency obvious will be your next wish. In fact, the use of only one graphic card will not allow to reach the maximum system performance. Modern motherboards have from three to six additional PCI-E slots and each of these slots can be used to connect additional adapters.

Installing multiple video chips can significantly improve the efficiency and reduce the unit cost of the equipment and, consequently, the cost per unit of the mined cryptocurrency. In this case no additional costs for the processor, RAM, casing, power supply – all these components can serve for several video cards.

In the end, the difference in price between the system unit with a single GPU and multiple is the price of extra graphic boards. Therefore, the more cards installed in the system, the lower the prime cost of the mined digital coins. Computers with multiple graphic adapters have a special name – the farm for mining cryptocurrency.