Many companies are promoting their own services of the cryptocurrency mining, offers a certain starting plan for advertising purposes, including a small free cloud mining.

Sometimes this initial capacity can be further increased by participating in promotions. For example, you can share services of the company in social networks. Then for each referred customer you will get more and more the dedicated processing power.

Typically, these promotions have a time limit. New companies which carry out them are just entering to the market for these services and do it in order to quickly building of the customer base. Therefore it makes sense to track relevant forums and websites on the cryptocurrency to as early as possible start cooperation with such companies, get the cloud mining without investments, and as long as you can earn coins on your account.

Of course, there is a possibility that you will come across scammers, and the service has actually no real farms for producing the coins, but in any case you have nothing to lose and make up your own opinions about the reliability of a company offering such services.

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Unlike purchases of the virtual computing power, you can try to create your own network of the cloud mining, if you have the patience, interest in the cryptocurrency and a certain level of technical knowledges. Now all the big major hosting companies, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS offer cloud-based solutions for hosting servers, websites, and distributed computing systems.

All these technologies are fairly new and these companies provide free testing to attract customers for existing dedicated servers. Practically, this means that anyone can obtain a free virtual machine that resides in the cloud for a period of several months. You can use a processing power obtained in this way including for the producing cryptocurrency.

Usually this option is used for working with altcoins, the mining algorithm of which is possible only on central processors, without using video cards or specialized hardware solutions.


Another way to make money in the free cloud mining is the use of cryptocurrency faucets for obtaining an initial capital and purchase of the hashrates.

A free Bitcoin is perhaps the first and most surprising phenomenon is faced by newcomers, for the first time discovering the world of cryptocurrency. A Bitcoin faucet is a website or individual page of a website on which you can enter the address of your wallet and to receive the transfer of a small amount.

After some time you can again get a transfer – and this process can be repeated indefinitely (more precisely, until the website owner has the funds for payments to visitors). Usually, the amount of such transfer is not very big and rarely exceeds 1000 Satoshi. However, there is a large amount of such faucets in the network and there are special programs (rotators) that help to automate the process of getting payments.

As a result, within a few days you can get from a few hundred to several million Satoshi that will be enough for the initial contribution to the service of your choice.

As you can see, there are several options for participation in the mining of coins that do not require large amounts of an investment capital and even on the contrary – the cloud mining is often available absolutely free, without any investments.

Of course, it should not be expected large earnings from this gift, but this is a good way to join the world of cryptocurrencies without risking your own wallet.