At the first, when the bitcoin had just appeared the miners earned with the help of graphics cards. Of course, it was very expensive from the resource point of view. Then the ASICs era came, in which the bitcoin mining has become more profitable. ASIC is an integrated circuit that is created for a specific task. In our case, it is a producing of the cryptocurrency.

These schemes are much more profitable than any other equipment, as they have more the capacity (a speed of the calculation of a hash) and small the energy consumption. Of course the more powerful hardware the more profitable a process of mining new coins. Let’s check out the available models on the market and compare their main characteristics.

The main evaluation criteria of the equipment are, of course, efficiency and cost. Also the level of energy consumption and availability to buy are very important since most of the large enterprises are selling ASICs on the pre-order only.

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Butterfly Labs

It is an American manufacturer, which is familiar to everybody. Alas, it has already managed to declare itself not the best way. In 2012 Butterfly Labs presented its first ASICs model and delayed supplies even pre-order for one and a half years. As a result, when buyers finally got their orders, they were not very relevant. Today the company offers not ready the device but a card that looks very similar to the graphics card and is suitable for PCI-x.

The stated capacity of the card is 600 GHash/s that currently not very much, but if you buy 5 of these devices, you can get quite a decent solution for 3 THash/s. This card is worth 2200 dollars, there is also a version for 300 GHash/s for $ 1,500.



It is another large American company. Its latest brainchild is AIREMiner, it is the first hardware that uses a 16-nanometer ASIC. The initial cost of this unit is 2,500 dollars. Also the Americans also supply the TerraMiner IV ™ for 6000 USD. Interestingly, in older times users have noticed that the performance of these miners just below these 2 Terrahashes, and actually ranges between 1.7 to 1.8 THash/s.


KnC Miner

It is the Swedish company, whose flagship model is Neptune. It has a hashrate of 3 THash/s and is made by technology 20 nm. This efficient equipment is worth 13 thousand dollars, but has the high energy efficiency so that costs can be paid back in a month or two. Interestingly, the first batch of Neptune from 2400 pieces was sold out in just 5 minutes.


BTC Olympus

The company also aspires not to lag behind other participants of the market and introduced its line ASICs – Hercules, POSEIDON and Zeus.

It makes sense to consider only Poseidon, as it is the most accessible and powerful of the entire lineup. At the cost of $ 8,000 the equipment has quite decent performance (3 THash/s). The chips are assembled on a 28-nm process, so power consumption here is at a low level.


There is a logical question: what is offered by other manufacturers, which have filled the market with weaker miners before the advent of ASICs? Unfortunately, companies like BitFury, AntMiner, Avalon are still silent. It is likely that they develop their own new products and will soon be able to surprise us by creating more competition and lowering of prices in the market.

It can be concluded from the foregoing that it is recommended to focus on “Neptune” or “Poseidon” when buying a hardware. Let them have the quite high cost, but the energy efficiency and the performance allow you to pay back the acquisition for several months.