Mining on the x11 AlgorithmThe most productive for miners is the altcoins mining on the x11 algorithm. Here will be described the characteristic features of the x11 settings and the pool selection. Following is tips regarding processor and graphics card. Go forward!

X11 is a hashing method that has used for the first time when the Darkcoin fork was generated. This method is one of the most reputable in the modern world of the digital money. So what does contribute to the attractiveness of the x11? It was proposed including in order to hinder a use of the specialized mining equipment.

The improved protection.
According to experts in the field of cryptocurrency, the SHA256 algorithm does not eliminate the probability of the hacking, it can put the Bitcoin network at risk. The authors of the new methods of digital money are assured: though the litecoin and bitcoin are market leaders, investors are looked at them with apprehension. Leading crypto-currencies did not persuade them that threats do not exist yet. However, it can entail the destruction of entire system and full its depreciation. Evan Duffield, who developed x11, believes that strengthening of the protection is able to captivate them.

The protection from use of ASICs.
The ASIC is a device that is designed for mining with a hashrate much greater than can give any PC or a farm of graphics cards. It destroys the key feature of cryptocurrencies – their decentralization. With the emergence of the ASIC increases the complexity of the process, it is not so democratic, you will be able to participate only if you invest large sums in the release itself. The algorithm x11 protects against the likelihood of ASIC devices production for it. The mining in this case is more productive. It is extremely difficult to develop a cheap and efficient chip for it.

A balanced mining on a GPU and CPU.
First, the X11 is mined by the efforts of the CPU. Later (late winter 2014) a program, oriented to the mining on video cards, GPUs was released. You can connect a PC to mining the darkcoin, startcoin, urocoin, hirocoin and other on the maximum level.

A low energy consumption.
After the release of the client for GPU mining it has been observed that video cards significantly less heat, coolers operate more quietly. The energy consumption of AMD-graphics cards fell by 30-55%. Most people have difficulty with the location of the video cards, because overheating them could cause a stop of the farm. The cost of electricity can reach hundreds of dollars per unit of 20 cards. What to say about the EU, where the cost of electricity is much higher?

A history.
This hash method was used for the first time for the Darkcoin release, which was launched in 2014. The darkcoin mining based on the x11 immediately began to grow. Market participants highly characterized it. For 4 months the Darkcoin has overtaken the Litecoin at a cost, it is in the Top 3 by the capitalization.

The most important that the x11 algorithm is more profitable in comparison with other analogues. The leading cryptocurrencies mining is much more profitable than cryptonight, and for the rest of the difference is even greater. Benefits are based on 3 aspects: the spending for the electricity, the productivity, price of altcoins.

The enhanced miner program will give 1800 kh/s instead of 200 kh/s for scrypt-n, and 400 kh/s for scrypt on the Radeon HD 6930. For other cards, proportions of the power are also the same. In addition, they are not so heated, using about 30% less the electricity.

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