Now we receive a lot of spam on the Ethereum topic to the mail and all social networks that promises the quick money. In general the cryptocurrency markets known by bots, spam with all kinds of gold mountains promises. With the increase of a particular digital coins rate a number of different news hooks increases. What predictions can we give about the Ethereum rate, on the basis of the latest trends?

The cryptocurrency industry is a kind of the Wild West yet. As every one of innovations the cryptocurrency long time will be subject to manipulations, pumps, dumps, Ponzi schemes (i.e. the pyramids), etc. Now we see a picture similar to the Klondike, that attracting loyal customers, and fraudsters. The difficulty is that both beginners and experienced participants can fall into such traps. You have to be prepared for this fact, not risking more than necessary.

Considerable noise around the Ether that has risen in recent months is unlikely to cause surprise. With the second after the Bitcoin market capitalization and huge growth of its rate of almost 1200% in just 3 months — the project with the native token can be comparable to the bitcoin by its popularity now.

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The project drew the attention of large organizations, for example, Microsoft and IBM that have used Ethereum solutions in one or another form. Microsoft, incidentally, provides BaaS (blockchain as a service) on the Azure cloud platform. Startup R3CEV applies the Ether blockchain in the experiments with the participation of recognized leaders of the ordinary finance world.

Often you can hear this opinion: the Ethereum is a kind of the Bitcoin 2.0. The currency made significant practical upgrade on the basis of all of the same provisions. A number of experts argue it is wrong to regard the success of the Ether as something homogeneous, in fact it is a result of a combination of the platform advantages and the inability of Bitcoin to address the issue of the block size and certain difficulties that are interrelated with the operations processing.

In the last few months the Ethereum rate has been growing rapidly, many thought it was an artificial pump in order to create the perfect background for the stable Homestead release. Whatever it was, at the time of this material publishing the Ether rate remained, and it is not expected any significant downturn in the near future.