The classic earn on the bitcoin mining involves a number of complexities and limitations. First, for the organization of a farm you need to have considerable financial resources to buy the equipment. Secondly, the purchased equipment necessary to place somewhere – i.e. you need a secure premise with a good Internet connection and a ventilation system or an air conditioning.

Thus, in addition to one-off significant investments, there are constant overhead of the rent, the payment of bills for the electricity and for the Internet. In addition to large financial expenditures, the organization of the own farm requires some technical skills, which can also cause difficulties for beginners.

You need to correctly mount the equipment, configure the software, organize a system of continuous monitoring, and ensure the smooth operation of the farm, etc.

If you want to invest a little money in the BTC producing at an initial stage and do not plan to arrange your own farm – there is a great alternative in the form of the cloud bitcoin mining.

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It consists in renting someone else’s computing power. There are people and organizations that bought and set up the equipment and along with work for their own needs they are willing to deliver their power to the rent for all comers.

The cloud mining can be divided into two categories: the rent a real farm with access to all settings of the hardware and software and rent of the virtual computing power, which are provided on a conditional hash rate for a specific cryptocurrency algorithm.

When renting real farms you get someone else’s equipment to your full use for a certain time. You can choose with which cryptocurrency you will work and on which pools. Consequently, all mined coins will become to your property.

This option requires some knowledges and skills for proper choice of the target coin to mine but at the same time it provides more flexibility in the operation and allows very fast return investments and make a profit.

At the virtual coin producing the user has no direct access to the equipment and its settings. Instead, one buys the virtual shares of the company by which it daily pays certain dividends.


There are several obvious advantages of using this option for the coins producing. First of all, this is a very low financial threshold for entry into the business of the cryptocurrency. The mining on cloud is accessible to all with minimum investments.

Except for minor initial investments also there are no fixed costs: any bills for Internet, electricity, rent, etc.

You don’t need to have high technical skills to install and configure the equipment and maintain it in the working condition.

The working in the cloud solves legal problems in countries where the cryptocurrency is prohibited and punishable by the law.

In summary, it is obvious that the miming on cloud is a great alternative for those who want to try bitcoin producing business, but not yet ready to invest heavily in the organization of the own farm.