Most Profitable CryptocurrencyOver time the questions arise: What is a cryptocurrency better to mine? Is it profitable to mine the Bitcoin? Is it better to deal with the BTC or other electronic currency?

Initially, it is necessary to answer the question: “How much do I be able and to want to invest?” Today the production of the virtual money has reached truly industrial size, because a small mining is almost unprofitable.

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mining algorithmsThere are several types of such algorithms: Scrypt, SHA-256, X11. You can calculate the first algorithm on the graphics cards, the second is possible to efficiently calculate only on particular devices (ASIC processors), and the third, presumably, can well mine mostly on the CPU.

You need to determine what you will become to mining. There is a plenty of Internet resources that count the liquidity of the work and can help in this. Based on the data, you can select the required currency, however, you first need to understand what the productivity you will be able to provide.

To do this, if you will use your own equipment, you need to run it in the test mode and select the any cryptocurrency mining for each of the algorithms. If you will rent the capacity it is already clear that the testing is not required.

We can say that the world does not end on the Bitcoin and there are still a number of such currencies. Some of them even are more profitable (in terms of short-term prospects). You can take advantage of this circumstance in the case when you are ready to monitor the situation on the market all the time and possess the computational capacities in the necessary extent.

The cloud mining could be your choice when you do not want to invest a large sum of money in this venture, but you are still interested in a steady income.

Today a work with graphics cards is low effective. It is only possible for young high-risk cryptocurrencies, at the condition that large ASIC players have not joined yet. However, electricity bills can be very “biting”, and the duration of a card operation will also decrease.

Now there is not 100% correct and truthful answer to our question “What kind of the cryptocurrency are now more profitable and best to the mining?” Each user needs to decide this for self based on the computing capacities and rates of different coins at the moment.

No matter what any skeptics argued, and despite the significant number of digital coins, the production of digital money still can bring a lot of money. According to experts it is likely a significant jump in the cost of electronic currencies in the near future. The constant increase of the rate is laid down in the system.

Now let’s see how it is important:

Earnings on the CPU

If you are a system administrator who has a lot of servers at hand that are idle at night, we have to upset you, because you will likely get something in the neck from the director (when he will look at energy bills, which rose by 2 times) than make money.
The CPU power is too modest now and it can be applied only when the free electricity supply and as a supplement to other methods.

Work on the GPU

If you have an AMD graphics card, you have the ability to effectively apply it or them in this difficult case. Cards from nVidia are much worse to cope with such a role, although they still better than the CPU.

ASIC is the most professional way

If you have decided to invest on a large to the cryptocurrencies mining you can buy a special computing co-processor for this purpose. It works better with SHA-256, and there are some options for the Scrypt.