In any case, money should not be on the shelf. This is especially true for the cryptocurrency, which was created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts willing to learn and try something new.

Of course, you need to invest bitcoins in projects that pay profit in 100% of cases. So we will not talk about the ponzi schemes and HYIPs in this article, and will tell you about real working options.

If you’ve never heard of the mining, or just didn’t want to understand how it all works and can generate income, then now is the time to study the matter.

In simple words, the mining is a work that powerful computing machines make, and the owners of these machines get a salary in BTC for the work execution.

It can be quite difficult to contain such a device at home: it is expensive, consumes a lot of the electricity and requires a constant monitoring. So smart and kind people invented cloud mining services.

All equipment installed in the datacenter of a service provider. You just can invest your bitcoins in a part of the capacities and get a daily profit. The cloud service takes care of all the maintenance and adjustment works.

Reviews of the best bitcoin cloud mining services are presented on our website so you can safely familiarize with the services and to choose a worthy option for you.

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Where else can you invest BTC? We want to tell you about a service by which you can give coins into a debt for certain percentage, or in case of necessity you can take a loan from another system participant. This option is appeared not so long, but already is gaining popularity and loyality of users.

The most famous website for investment bitcoins at interest is BTCJam. Here are many profiles of people wanting to use your funds for a fee. You can view a credit history of each participant, and to decide to whom give money into a debt.

Information about each user of the website accumulates in the system: the personal information, feedbacks, a number of transactions and so on. If all parameters satisfy you, then you can enter into a contract and transfer BTC to using by the debtor. After a certain time the debt is returned along with the previously agreed percentage.

If you trust your money only to reliable and proven people by the choosing of borrowers you can reduce all the risks to a minimum. Agree, this is quite an interesting activity to be a creditor of the digital currency, you can do this business anywhere in your spare time.

Beware of systems where you are unable to understand the nature of profit. If someone promises you mountains of gold, but he does not say exactly how the money will work – it is likely that you are dealing with scammers.

Invest in bitcoin projects, which pay for some works or services that are done with help of your finances. For this reason, it is worth avoiding any ponzi schemes, where the payout for old participants is carried out at expense of new. These systems sooner or later always come to a dead end.

A ‘lottery’ is the more appropriate definition of these kind of resources. Choose what you want: to make money or take risks?